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BAS-P/U Deep Dive

Course Information

This course gives you the competence to work as BAS-P or BAS-U, if you have relevant experiences from building and civil engineering.

At any Project within building and civil engineering, there must be a co-ordinator for work environment for both planning (BAS-P) and the performing phaze (BAS-U). This requirements is due to even smaller works and service jobs. It’s the Clien who appoint the co-ordinators, and must have verified training, competence and experience enough for the role in relation to the work intended. Those requirements is due since the  1:st of janurary 2011. The Client can let a Contractor or  a clients delegee take all such responsibilites if the work is done independantly and there is a written contract regardning the responsibility transfer.

Course Content

  • Repetition, basic course
  • Stress and crisis reactions – crisis emergency and readiness
  • Work on hights, overview and exceptions according to AFS 1999:3
  • Responsibility deviation  – Deep dive analysis
  • OSA – Organisational and social oriented work environment
  • Work ergonomics and risk assessments
  • Risk assessments – coordination
  • Sanction fees – Deep dive
  • Templates and standards
  • Prior notice to Work Envirnment Authorities
  • Co-ordination responsibilities – responsibility of co-ordinator in charge
  • We can as well adapt the course after your requests, with an extended part, i.e. chemichal risks, threat and violence, hot works or any other profile that suits your way of work.


The course will give you a deeper knowledge about the work environment responsibilities according to Swedish law, with the perspecitives planning, construction phaze and future use.

Length of Course

One day
(Be aware that the amount of training for BAS P/U always depend on previous knowledge, experiences and competence in relation to the extent of the Project.)


A written test is done in the end of this day, certifying the competence as a base for further development thru home studies, practical use and construction work, according to the provision AFS 1999:3, section 6.


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