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Course information

Released the 1st of January 2009, there are amendments to the demands regarding Civil and Engineering Work Provisions from the Work Environment Authority.

At any civil and engineering work, there must be a coordinator of building work within planning phase (BAS-P) and construction phase (BAS-U). Those regulations accord to smaller construction work as well. The client is obliged to appoint the coordinator. The assigned must be able to verify in written form, the education in BAS P/U, competence and experience. The competence requirements are current since 1st Jan. 2011. A person who commissions building or civil engineering work can remote all responsibility and assignments according working environment to a turnkey Contractor. The requirement is a written contract and an independent stand in relation to the customer.

Content of the course

  • Knowledge of working environment and statistics
  • Basics – Systematic working environment
  • Basics – Provisions Construction and Civil engineering
  • Deep dive, provisions of working environment
  • Competence requirements for BAS P/U
  • Health and safety plan – content
  • Risk management – overview
  • The supervision of the Working Environment Authority
  • We can of course adapt the course to specific demands from the customer, with amendments of chemical risks, threat and violence, post and mast work, scaffolding, hot works or other profiling that matches your way of business. In fact, it’s most preferable with a flexible course, appointed to your branch specifics.


The course will give you basic knowledge regarding the work environment responsibility and how the related questions are to be considered during planning, conducting and further usage, within a Construction and civil- and engineering work.

Length of course

(Please note – the amount of required classroom hours for BAS P/U is due to previous knowledge, experiences and competence, all in relation to the kind of Constructions work intended.)
Basic course is one day. We offer the deep dive course as day two, a follow up suitable for all experienced BAS P/U.


Diploma for education is included. Certification of BAS P/U is done in specific order, pending on competence and the kinds of business that the customer are running.


We conduct training Sweden wide, and can easily show up at yours. Are you located in Malmö, Varberg, Örebro, Göteborg, Oskarshamn, Stockholm, Linköping or Uppsala? We will adapt.


Contact Fredrik Brandberg for a course, adapted to your preconditions.

fredrik@suuab.se, +46 708-233310

Open classes are available on the link below.

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