Fall Protection / Evacuation Training

Course Information

The work environment regulations require that the person who work, wearing a fall protection harness or the like should be able to become rescued within a reasonable period of time.
In short, if the employee cannot within ten minutes after the incident has occurred, another option must be chosen.

Experience shows that few employers manage to rescue a hanging person within a reasonable period of time

This course adheres to provisions in AML, AFS 2001:1, 1981:14, 2004:3, 1999:3, 2013:4 as well as combined practical experience on methods and equipment from many different fields.

Target group

All companies that are using fall protection equipment.


After training, participants should be able to rescue a colleague who has fallen and become hanging in connection with high-altitude work, where harness or equivalent is used. The requirement is to perform a rescue operation within a reasonable time to save lives, before it’s too late.


The course is both theoretical and practical. Participants will, after a theoretical review, simulate a scenario where a person who has been exposed to a fall accident must be rescued. This will provide good knowledge on the stresses put on the body during a fall and also how difficult a rescue operation can become.

This course contains:

  • Legal requirements
  • Risk assessment
  • Employee responsibility, meaning
  • Equipment, material knowledge
  • Safety check, before – during – after
  • Rescue techniques
  • Practical exercises – rescue operations


Half day – Prerequisites for fall protection and experience in working with fall protection equipment.
Full day – No prerequisite knowledge required – fall protection course for user included in course.

Important information

Protective shoes must be worn during the practical exercises.


Theoretical and practical exam. Certificate issued upon approved result.
(SUUAB recommends renewing Fall protection / evacuation every three years)


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