Forklift Training – TYA TLP10

Course Information

In the Swedish Work Environment Act Chapter 3 Section 3 and AFS 2006:5 Section 18, it is stated that “The employer must ensure that the employee acquires a good knowledge of the conditions in which the work is conducted and that the employee is informed of the risks that may be associated with
the work.” ” The employer must make sure that the employee has received the necessary training and that she or he knows what to do to avoid the risks associated with the work.” “A forklift may be used only by the person who has documented theoretical and practical knowledge for safe use. ”

The Forklift Training course is certified by TYA and is completed according to curriculum (TLP10), that has been established by the different parts of the labor market.


The goal and purpose of this course is to increase competence, increase safety, increase effectivity and reduce costs.


The training consists of both practical and theoretical parts, where we will go through:

  • The different types of forklifts
  • Construction of the forklift
  • Ergonomics
  • Forklift usage
  • Daily inspection & maintenance
  • Handling of material & goods
  • Traffic laws
  • Occupational safety and internal requirements
  • Dangerous goods

Course length

Type A Forklifts – 16 hours
Type B Forklifts – 40 hours
Type A+B Forklifts – 40 hours
Type A+B with e-truck – 1+4 days
Type C Forklifts – 40 hours for each type of forklift

Important information

Protective shoes must be worn during the practical exercises.


The quality of competence is ensured theoretically through a written exam and practically through practical exercices and a driving test.

Booking / Courses

This course is tailored to your needs. It is not scheduled, so call Janne for booking, questions and other information.

Contact Janne Apelgren:

 +46 (0)320-65 51 80

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