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Hot Work – Heta Arbeten®

Course Information

Work that involve heating or sparking is called Hot Work or Heta Arbeten® in Swedish.
The person who is to perform hazardous Hot Work must have competence and experience regarding fire protection. The same applies to the person who is appointed to be a fire watcher.

Competence training must be performed according to the plan adopted by the insurance companies and the swedish fire protection association’s
Hot Work Training Committee.
The person appointed to regularly act as a permit issuer must have corresponding competence and experience.

Target Group

This course is aimed towards everyone who comes in contact with Hot Work; clients, permit issuers, performers and fire watchers.
This course is the same for all work types.


The goal is to achieve an understanding of the risks involved with Hot Work. To acquire complete knowledge for a certicate in order to perform Hot Work, be a fire watcher and to regularly act as a permit issuer.

Content of Course

Various topics, including;

  • Definition of Heta arbeten®
  • Hot Work organisation
  • Performance and permit form for Heta Arbeten®

Length of Course

One day


The competence is quality secured by a knowledge test. After approval, a certificate will be provided, valid for five years.

Price SEK 3300 plus VAT


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