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Powder Actuated Nail Gun

Course Information

Use of Powder Actuated Nail Guns and other nailers poses severe risks. Therefore, according to Swedish provision AFS 2006:4, employer must ensure that workers have sufficient skills, know the risks, appropriate work methods and how to handle the tool.

This course is available in English.

Target Group

The training is aimed to anyone using powder actuated nail guns or other nailers.


The training will give you knowledge how to safely use and maintain a powder actuated nail gun and other nailers.

Course Content

  • Laws and provisions
  • Risks and risk assessment
  • Personal protection and safetey precautions
  • Function and use
  • Caretaking and maintainance
  • Cartridges and fasteners

Length of Course

Half day.


After accomplished course, certificate is provided (plastic card).

On request, the certificate can be registred at ID06, extra charge.


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