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Road Work – 1 and 2

Course information

Today there is an authority requirement that You have a good safety training when working on roads or nearby. The Swedish Transport Administration settles which education level you need depending on what kind of work you are going to perform. Everyone performing road work needs level 1 – basic skills. Level 2 is required for machine and vehicle drivers. If you have any kind of workplace responsibility you will also need level 2. We usually give the courses as a combined education, but upon request it is possible to give them separately.

Target Group

The education is based on the requirements from Swedish Transport Administration for level 2 and aimed toward those who do all kind of road work. For all machine and highway maintenance vehicle drivers it is a requirement. This course also is a prerequisite in order to be able to participate in level 3 courses.


To provide knowledge and competence on how to equip your own vehicle with accessories and road signs. To provide knowledge on how to position and handle the vehicle in order to achieve an optimal and safe work environment for both workers and road users.


During the course, theory and discussions will be mixed. Topics to be covered during the course:

  • Behaviour in traffic
  • Warning, Guidance and Defence (Swedish V3 principle)
  • Road signs that may be vehicle mounted and which road sign sizes to use
  • Protective devices that may be mounted on or pulled by vehicles, their function and use
  • Lanterns on vehicles.
  • Work from mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP).
  • Information regarding the Swedish Work Environment Act and related provisions
  • Risk assessment
  • Examples on how to perform road work from Swedish Transportation Administration
  • Regulation for highway maintenance vehicle drivers
  • Operating and positioning vehicles on roads
  • How to operate protective vehicles on motorways with three or more lanes in the same direction
  • Rights, obligations and divided responsibilities
  • Working methods


One day.


After an approved theoretical test, a certificate as proof of education is issued in the form of a plastic card.
Level 1 must be updated after 15 months, level 2 is updated after 5 years.


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Booking/Course Start

This course will be adapted after your conditions. It’s not scheduled. Please call Janne for booking, questions and other information.

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