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Safer Shovelling

Course information

Due to ignorance and carelessness, shoveling snow on roofs cause damages worth several millions each year.
It is the property owner who is responsible for removing snow and ice, so that persons or property can not be damaged. Snow can fall down, but also roof tiles and mortar and other devices mounted on the building. This  responsibility means that the owner of the property, without delay, will ensure that snow / ice is removed from the gutters and roof constructions.

Our course in safe shovelling on roofs is based on the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s provisions AFS 1993:3 / AFS 2014:26, which governs the provisions regarding work on roofs and the use of personal fall protection when working on roofs, and the ordinance act 1993:1617

Target group

This course is aimed toward all persons who work with snow shovelling on roofs.


Receive increased practical and theoretical knowledge on safe shovelling, both for the performer, as well as for the public and environment, avoid damages and penalty fees, create safety and security as well as stop unserious actors.


  • How to create a better work environment for the ones shovelling on roofs
  • How to reduce the damages on roofs.
  • How to reduce the number of damages on other persons property, like parked cars.
  • How to minimize risks for the public, like pedestrians


Half a day


Participants that pass the course will be issued a proof of education.

Booking / Courses

This course is tailored to your needs. It is not scheduled, so call Janne for booking, questions and other information.

Contact Janne Apelgren:

 +46 (0)320-65 51 80


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