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Slinging & Signalling

Course Information

To reduce the number of accidents and raise awareness of what to consider when working with lifting devices, there is a demand from the EU for everyone to have undergone theoretical education. A hoist or lifting device may only be used by the person who is familiar with the work and has theoretical and practical knowledge for safe use. Our education complies with the Work Environment Authority’s requirements, EU directive, and the regulations AFS 2006: 6. The course is offered as assignment training and open course. The number of participants is max 20 per course opportunity. The assignment training can be company-based.

Target Group

This course is aimed toward everyone who connects or disconnects cargo using different kinds of lifting accessories. This course also provides knowledge to direct the crane operator during the lifting operation.


This course gives you the theoretical knowledge how to, with help from risk assessments, plan a safe lifting operation


Information on:

  • Cranes
  • Lifting accessories
  • Estimation of load weight
  • Slinging
  • Signalling
  • Planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Control & daily inspection


Half day


The quality of competence is ensured, and the course is executed through a knowledge test.
Certificate of education is issued after approved test results.


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Price SEK 1495 plus VAT


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