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Special Training on Scaffolds

Course Information

Special training on scaffolds, is a mandatory (AFS 2013:4) course for all involved in the erection, modification and dismantling of scaffolds above nine meters. In order to reduce the number of accidents and to increase the awareness on what to consider when working with scaffolds, there are demands from the Swedish Work Environment Authority that all who erect, make significant changes, and dismantling scaffolds need to undergo Special Training on Scaffolds. This demand also applies to the person leading the work.

This course fulfill the requirements according to the standards of the Work Environment Authorities up to nine meters. (AFS 2013:4 ”Ställningar” – “Scaffolding”).

Target Group

Anyone who erect, modify or dismantle scaffolding above nine meters. Those who lead and supervise the work need at least the same level of education. Procurement engineers need knowledge of the safety requirements for the work.


Give the participants a good knowledge of the types of scaffolds that exist on the market. Give the participant an understanding of what type of scaffolding that best suits different types of work. Give the participant knowledge of the different scaffolds (possibilities, load, function).


  • Safety precautions when weather conditions are affecting the safety negatively.
  • Understanding of plans for erecting, modifications or dismantling of the scaffold
  • Safety during erection, modification or dismantling of the scaffold
  • Measures to prevent the risks of falling persons or objects
  • Conditions regarding permitted load
  • Any other risk with scaffolding caused by or happened during erection, changing or dismantling.
  • A thorough reveiw of the scaffolding stipulations in Sweden.
  • General principles for the erection of tube and coupler scaffolding.
  • Review of different types and makes of prefabricated scaffolding and couplers.
  • How scaffolding can be used in ways other than as shown in the instructions.
  • Anchoring, sheeting and dimensioning of scaffolding.
  • Information on special scaffolding structures
  • Methods to protect oneself from falls during the erection and dismantling of scaffolding.
  • Methods for up-and-down transports and lifting scaffolding materials.


5 + 5 days (Five days of lectures as well as five days of preparation and home studies.)


The quality assurance of the training is done through a written exam. Certification is afterwards granted upon passing of the exam. The certificate is valid indifenetely, with reservation for changes in the stipulations.

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