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Consultation, Training, Safety Courses for Building Construction, Industry and Logistics

Any scheduled class can be tailored as training/consultation after own requirements.

About the Company – SUUAB

Skene Utbildning & Utveckling (SUUAB) offers a broad Picture of qualified classes and consultation. We deliver to both small and large companies. We can arrange training anywhere in Sweden. The Courses are usually expanded from the construction business since most heavy risks comes from such projects.

You will have a safe and sound base for further work after a course at SUUAB. We are flexible, have lots of co-ordination capabilities and can tailor any class to your needs.

Under Our Courses, you can find information about our Courses. You may Contact us if you are interested in an internal course or tailored packages.

Consultation within Construction and civil engineering is a big part of our business as well, especially when it comes to scaffolding and building work Environment co-ordination and crisis emergency readiness. We adapt to all small and large projects and the specific prerequisites. Contact  Leif Pettersson (leif.pettersson@suuab.se) for further information.

Our goal is to give enhanced knowledge, theoreticallly and practically in a way that creates a higher level of safety and security at your Company.

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