Violence and Menaces in the Working Environment

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The employer’s obligations are extensive when there is a risk of violence and menaces in the work environment.
It is enough for employees to transport goods or keys attractive to theft, or may be in areas or in context where the risk of exposure to violence and/or threats is likely. The governing work environment provision, “Violence and menaces in the work environment” (AFS 1993:2) is brief, and need to be applied to ensure that every employee is safe at work. Women and men usually become exposed to different threats. The training aims at organizing work so that situations of violence and threats do not arise, or to minimize the harmful effects when it does happen.

Target group

Examples of occupational categories where threats and violence are present: retail, health care, cleaning, home care, installation, service, public administration, hotels, restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores.
Construction and civil engineering also suffer from threats, damage and violence, depending on the area and handling of great values in theft-attractive equipment and material.
The course also provicdes the conditions for understanding and supporting employees who are exposed to violence and threats in their home environment / close relationships.


The course gives the participant the prerequisites for planning and organizing a safe working environment, as well as being able to assess and understand when a situation might become dangerous, to avoid it or to be able to alert on time.


  • Background – statistics
  • The employer and the laws view on safety
  • Stress och crisis reactions
  • Stipulations, provisions, judicial system
  • Methods to create safety and security
  • The responsibilities of the employer and the employee
  • Methods of de-escalation
  • Acting and behaviour – discussion exercise
  • Scenario excercise
  • Conflict management
  • To organize a safe work environment
  • We can also tailor the course to the clients specific needs


1 day (can be adapted to half a day depending on prerequisite knowledge of the participants)


After passing of the course, there will be issued a diploma as proof of education.


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